Conventional braces


Conventional Bracket

Conventional braces includes brackets, wire, and O-rings placed at the different degree depending on the orthodontist's plan. The brackets are designed to move or rotate your teeth by specialists called orthodontists. Immaculately planned, the customised treatment plan is differ from individual to individual. The patient is required to visit the orthodontist once a month for an ideal result. With aims to boost your confidence as well as improving your occlusion, the orthodontic treatment is meant to assist your dental well-being as much as possible.


To control the direction of the teeth movement, the mechanism of conventional braces is designed in a way that the brackets, bonded with composite material, placed on the front surface of every tooth. Then a curved wire is placed in the centre of each bracket where the rubber rings (O-ring), will strapped the wire to each bracket.


This method is widely popular due to a colourful o-rings that the patient will get to pick out the colours by themselves in each visit at an affordable price which is suitable for students and people under budget. This type of braces is one of the the options available at M-brace Orthodontics,

the two other options are listed below: