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M-brace Orthodontic Clinic was founded by Associate Professor Marasri Chaiworawitkul in 2011. Dr. Marasri graduated in orthodontic training with a master's degree from the University of Sheffield back in 1999. She then later received her Thai Board of Orthodontics in 2003. Currently, Dr. Marasri is a full-time Consultant Orthodontist of the Faculty of Dentistry, Chiangmai University.

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“Dr.Marasri and the team is extraordinary! Had my retainers done here and they were in greater quality than all my previous ones. Extra care was given to make sure they fitted perfectly. The service was great and every question was answered, giving great advice. Never left the place questioning anything. My regret is that I had my braces done somewhere else because the results would have been a lot better if it was done here. The experience, the care, and the technique is a lot more professional.

Good vibes guaranteed.”


Here, specialists from different fields work as a team to provide the best dental care possible.

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